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Jenn and Adarian

Let Me Introduce You: Tales of Levers, Threesomes and Movement Paperback

Let Me Introduce You: Tales of Levers, Threesomes and Movement Paperback

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Paperback version

Let Me Introduce You is the start of a conversation about movement.

It invites critical thinking and curiosity. It's an opportunity to throw out preconceived ideas about

what should and shouldn't happen, the rules that exist around certain every day movement

tasks, exercises, and athletic skills.

The curious coach or mover is left with the ability to observe and assess what they see based

on the scientific principles that govern our physical world; what's left is an opportunity to


The suggestion also invites a conversation, because if the suggestion leads to a reward of some

kind, the student, client, or athlete will want to try again; if not, the conversation takes a different


A conversation, by definition, means ideas are exchanged between two or more people. In our

case, these ideas revolve around a theme and appear in threesomes (because we like threes).

Some of the topics include:

Lever arm, fulcrum, effort

Stress, strain, deformation

Anchors, pressure, input

Collisions, vibrations, expansion

Levers, threesomes, movement

We invite you to join the conversation as we discuss, explore, and, of course, move.


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