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Posted @jenn_pilotti What is the Biomechanics Movement Summit?.
It’s a unique learning event for movement professionals, including strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers, yoga teachers, physical education teachers, physical therapists, or anyone else who teaches some aspect of movement..
It’s an opportunity to learn, discuss, and connect with people who study and teach movement for a living. The five people teaching come from diverse backgrounds—at no other continuing education even will you find a physical education teacher, college strength and conditioning coach, yoga teacher, and speed coach teaching (and learning) from each other..
The different perspectives and the emphasis on practical application is what makes this event unique. Do you want to deepen your understanding of movement and walk away with ideas you can use tomorrow with your clients, athletes, or students? Consider joining us, January 12-13, in Las Vegas (or livestream if you can’t make it live)..
Available for 1.2 NASM and NSCA CEUs..
People presenting:
@ruffolous @dawnrossbitbybitbodyworks @adarian_barr @coach_matt_hank and me..
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Let Me Introduce You: The workshops

July 15th, 10-3


Where: Veteran's Park, Redondo Beach, CA

Session One: Collisions and Injuries, 10AM-12PM

Using concepts from the book Let Me Introduce You, authors Adarian Barr and Jenn Pilotti will discuss how to identify wanted and unwanted collisions and vibrations. You will learn:

  • How to trace the path of the collision

  • How injuries may result from unwanted collisions and vibrations

  • How to identify possible injury mechanisms

This workshop will utilize practical examples from athletics and movement to demonstrate the concepts.


Session Two: Pressure and Proprioception: a barefoot grounding experience


Using concepts from the book, Let Me Introduce You, authors Adarian Barr and Jenn Pilotti will discuss pressure, proprioception, and how the input from the feet drive movement output. You will learn:

  • How the foot interacts with the ground

  • Why understanding when and how the foot connects with the ground during dynamic movement can change the movement that happens next

  • How the foot functions as a lever, an anchor, and for propulsion during movement

  • How to create a sense of grounding by exploring the pressure of the foot and how pressure is the input that determines proprioception

Cost: $125 or $200 for both

Recording available if you are unable to attend live.




 LMIY Workshop
April 18 Location in Europe TBA